Life and Fate is a big play.

The centrepiece of the Perth International Arts Festival’s theatre season covers big events, big themes and asks big questions of its cast and the audience.
Lev Dodin, Maly Drama Theatre’s artistic director, has condensed this modern equivalent of War and Peace into a tight three hours that covers events in 1943 in Moscow, at the Battle of Stalingrad, in a Soviet labour camp, a Nazi concentration camp and the unnamed town where the central character’s Jewish mother dies.
Some of the most chilling exchanges are between an SS officer and an old Bolshevik (a masterful Igor Ivanov) discussing the similarities between their countries’ forms of socialism with a chilling disregard for the people who had to die for their beliefs. It was these passages in particular that got Life and Fate banned in the Soviet Union.
— Jennie Fitzhardinge, WAToday, February 19, 2010